Natural Marine Bath Sponge – Large



The use of the natural sea sponge guarantees a deep cleansing of the skin, leaving it soft to the touch, lasts longer over time and thanks to its structure, it does not absorb soap but dispenses it evenly over the body.
Sea sponges have ancient origins and have always been used both by the Greeks and the Egyptians. They are part of the Poriferans family, marine invertebrates. If fished in the correct way, i.e. cut at the attachment, and not completely torn from the rock, the sponges grow bigger and stronger.
The benefits of using sea sponges are many, although they are very soft, they clean thoroughly regenerating the skin and eliminating dead cells. They also stimulate the blood circulation, after using them the skin acquires luminosity. They are suitable for removing make-up from the face, as they completely remove make-up residues or and are used to apply and remove mud-based beauty treatments. They can be used by everyone, even by those with very sensitive skin, such as children and the elderly.
How to use: wet the sponge with water and add a bath foam; compared to synthetic sponges, a few drops are enough. Massage the whole body for a few minutes, using circular movements.
Storage of the sponge: as soon as you have finished using it, clean it carefully from any soap residue and let it air dry. Every 3 months or so, it is best to wash the sponge with cold water and bicarbonate of soda, leave it immersed in this solution for two hours and rinse it.